Nunatak's Ultralight hiking news.

Winter 2016 :

Breaking News! Nunatak is proud to announce that original partner Jan Nikolajsen has taken the lead on Nunatak and is the new owner and operator for 2016 onwards. Jan is a longtime hiker, climber, biker, sailor/boat and home builder and all around gear master like no other. He is ready to build your next level Nunatak project at our new facility in Moab Utah. Call to place your order or to make an appointment to tour and discuss your custom down needs.


Summer / Fall 2015:

Just in time for the coming cold weather, we have a new batch of 900+ white goose down in stock. This is a premium fill and very nice stuff in hand indeed.

Also of note we no longer have our toll free line as a result of switching phone provider. Email is free and the best way to contact us as we spend time outdoors. Enjoy the public land

Fall 2014 / Winter 2015:

For 2015 Nunatak is offering a limited run of premium 900 white goose down filled Arc-quilts and sleeping bags as well as the ultralight and simple Skaha Jacket.

I am still handmaking these items, as in all 15 years prior, but with new assembly in Seattle. Build times vary with 2 months lead time average. As always, you can place an order for the shell and color of your choosing and specify down overfill.

Spring/Summer 2013:

We are thankful for the many customers who trust and push the limits of Nunatak gear out in the field. Hike and climb on!

Speaking of, remember to never pay the government(twice) to go hiking on our public lands. A recent federal decision, US vs. Smith, is largely being ignored by agencies who seek to part you from hard earned dollars in what has become a pay to access scenario for all of us. Many thanks to all who fight the unjust system of being double taxed. Please read about Smith vs. US here at westernslopenofee.org.


Winter 2013:

Update February 2013, the 950 fill is out of stock. 950+ fill was back in stock this December. We are searching for more, but supplies have diminished. Meanwhile, our 800+ down fill class is top of the line and mountain worthy. It will deliver a whopping amount of loft with a baffled garment like our Skaha down sweater.

We are painstakingly hand building your gear here in eastern Washington, thanks for all of your support!


Spring/Summer 2012:

950 fill is out of stock as of 6/25/12. No word if more will be available yet.

We have more of the new .8 Quantum this spring. Colors are: Sage green, Orange, Black and Purple. Also 1.0 Sage green will be back by popular demand.

Free the trails!


Fall/Winter 2011:

The new Nunatak Esker down beanie is a sub one ounce hat that is nearly invisible in your pocket. It does deliver a notable increase in noggin temp. An all .8 Pertex Quantum shelled beanie weights 18 grams, or 1/5the the weight of your average wool or poly hat. not offered on our regular menu, but available for those who need to insulate their ski or climbing helmet nonetheless. 59$.


Summer 2011:

The USFS continues to illegally charge fees to access the public lands that we all own. Many trailheads in our local Wenatchee Okanogan National Forest are out of compliance with federally mandated amenities making them illegal to charge fees at. Given the 2 citations for parking in the forest while hiking, the corrupt system of paying to use public lands will not face court review for us and intimidation continues. Privatization is the ultimate goal, making the forest a corporate pay to use system. Read more here at westernslopenofee.org


We conversely, offer the best 950+ fill you can find. Simply add 8$ per ounce that we are substituting in your particular item. Overfill costs 20$ per ounce added.


Winter 2011:

Good news for those seeking the best possible down gear from us here at Nunatak.

We are pleased to announce a limited edition of 950+ white goose down for our gear this season. While our stock fill of 875+ is superior in every way, this is an extra high end boost for no additional weight. Now our jackets are warmer and more compressible than ever!

Details for 950+ upgrade: add 8$ per ounce of down that we are substituting. Adding overfill is 20$ per ounce, though it may not be desired as we are using the same fill charts developed with 800+..This is extra high lofting down, the finest we have seen.

With high fill power down like this, you have more fully developed down plumules that maintain better loft for the given weight. While low power down may have feather content that resists some moisture, it is heavy, bulky and not as long lasting.

Since we only use natural fill here and hand stuff everything to assure the best possible quality, our gear is the most efficient.

Endless meadows in the Cascades on our .8 Quantum trail testing time this summer.

Fall 2010:

The truth about USFS user fees is criminal. You are being charged to access something you already own.

The reality is that this is a self serving system draining the pockets of those who can least afford it.

Again this summer I received a 75$ ticket for not paying to access our local forest.

Like many other across the nation I am deeply troubled by the fundamental changes in the way our public lands are managed, namely that privatization and extraction of dollars are the new focus of the USDA. It is a lie when they say the fees come back to the forest. Less than 2% is actually spent on the trail. Policing, administration, and private corporations collecting or administering the ‘pay me’ mentality gobble the dollars up.

Washington State proved that user fees are the wrong way to run a government. Fees in public space led to such a decline in use that the pay to access system was un-sustainable. We too stopped going to state parks when the access fees were imposed. Sad to update that WA state returned to a pay to access program. we don't support this and have successfully challenged this in court.

Last fall the Spokane Federal Attorney’s office dismissed separate charges against Christy Laguzza Boosman and myself for parking in a High Impact Recreation Area. The result is an explosion of new construction where every trailhead will be slammed with so called amenities like signs and trash cans so that they can levy an access fee. I can envision a future here in the forest where all valleys are guarded by toll gates and scanners, permits to sleep outdoors are on a first pay, first get basis. This is already happening all over the nation, national parks and now the public forest.

If public space becomes pay per use, then our country is a giant prison where no one is free. It is classist in that only those with money can be a part of America. This is double taxation and taxation without representation. This is an engineered takeover of our resources.

Free our Mountains and liberate our forest from the takeover that is taking place. Write to your congressperson. go for a walk, just watch out for low flying patrol drones.

Spring 2010:

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of 875+ goose down stock on all gear this season. This is our same white goose down but at an even finer grade. It is warmer for the same weight and very durable, unlike many synthetic fills out there. So, if you're looking for a handmade US built down quilt to last a few decades, we can build it.


The long awaited Skaha Pant is ready for this season's production. Costing 30$ less than the Kobuk Pant, we now offer the Skaha Pant to those finding the Kobuk's too warm. A less roomy cut combined with .75" baffling finishes the
Skaha Pants at a minimal weight. As with all of Nunatak's down gear, minimal weight for maximum warmth and efficiency is what we strive to build.


Winter 09/10:

Nunatak is in It's full season custom building your gear. Accordingly, lead times are 8 weeks for most items this Winter due to demand. Please plan ahead.! Thanks to everyone for their patience while we build the best we can here in the USA.

Speaking of made in the USA, the Luna Pads are back in !

Spring/ Summer 09:

Lots of neat custom work this season, foremost are the new down socks. There are THE warm answer to cold toes at night. Custom ordering down socks is simple, just order as any of our down booties, slippers or mukluks and indicate in the custom field that the DOWN SOX version is what you're after



Early Fall 2008:

Here's what our man in Nepal wrote us after summiting Mt. Everest earlier this season:

Dear Sir,

This is Kusang from Nepal !!!!
Namaste and Tashi delek!!!
First of all I am so sorry for not keeping in touch with you as I was in village eastern part of Nepal. I just back from village 24th of july. So today i get time to sent you some picture of mt EVEREST. Which i took top of the world. i hope that you like it.
Ok now allow me to bid bye.
Take care,
thanking you in anticipation
sincerely yours,
Kusang Tenzing

Kusang wore a pair of donated Nunatak Torre Bibs.
Best of luck to him in the perilous realm of high altitude mountaineering.


Late Summer 2008:

New Quantum .8 Nylon is in stock this September, making our gear lighter than ever. We are back in the shop full time working hard to build the lightest and finest down gear for you.


Summer 2008:

Once again, we will be operating with limited production hours from June to September while we engage in much needed trail testing and other work around the shop and farm.

The phone lines will not be staffed, making email the best way to have your questions answered. The website order form remain fully functional and orders will be confirmed ASAP.

New materials on order for Fall 2008:
We will stock an exciting new .8 oz Quantum in 2 colors, blue and black. Expect further weight savings coupled with bigger lofts in the ultralight sleeping bag and down sweater arenas.

This new shell material will feature the legendary Pertex quality and performance, with significant improvements over the tried and true .85 oz fabric of seasons past.


Spring 2008:

Just back from the Big Wall of all epics, no, not El Cap as on the image, but another dreaded shoulder surgery. During February and March it will be easiest to contact us with questions via email, tom@nunatakusa.com
The team remains hard at work building your custom down jackets and blankets while I'm out with PT. Lead times are 6-8 weeks for most down gear.


December 2007:

18" of new snow here. Even so, we're hard at work making the winter season happen as well as a new website! Of the many exciting things here we plan to re-introduce our ultralight stuff sacks made from 1.3 silicone impregnated ripstop nylon ranging in weight from .3 ounces to a whopping 1.6 ounces. Neat!

A fine upgrade this season to the Chugach down Booties and Kangri Mukluks is an internal elastic ankle band that added little weight and tons of control. Now you can tromp around a snow camp with warmth and secure fit.

Pictured below, a ski trip from last season testing the Skaha and Kobuk down jackets on Mt Adams. Mt St. helens in the background. As with many of the Northwest volcanoes, like Mt Baker, they are excellent for ski mountaineering and high altitude gear testing.




Update Summer 2007:

The New 78" Luna pads are great! Doubled over, they are a thick 3/4 length cushion of nearly indestructible insulation that shields you from the ground in comfort. You can add one to your down order for only 25$.

We have been building many variations to our popular Skaha Plus Down Sweater this season. The super ultralight set like them with the optional front pocket in a Quantum shell. A very functional variation is to add a full front zip and a simple split front pocket. We've also been adding Kobuk style cuffs and some overfill. The Epic shell makes this the lightest weight fully baffled winter capable jacket around.

Also watch out for a completely revised and updated website, with new look and better navigation. Coming late fall 2007!!

Spring 2007:

We are simply elated by the performance and feel of the new Quantum shell material. This is available in 4 colors. See here for a color chart for Quantum and other materials in stock, such as Epic by Nextec. There has been some hype lately as to the the performance of this material in near freezing conditions. We have found our inherently hydrophobic polyester fabric treated with the Epic encapsulation is by far the most supple and breathable down shell to be seen, which equates to high lofting, warm gear. The new Quantum is even softer and more breathable, however unlike the Epic, you don't see manufacturers making tents out of it.

  Here is a customer's nice Arc Alpinist in the Sage Green Quantum with the Luna pad. The New Luna pads are due in soon, and will come in a 78" full length size only, for taller folks and greater comfort. You can always trim them down for extra padding elsewhere, like under your hips. More soon...

December 2006:

On order for the new year 2007 is everyone's favorite ultralight fabric, Pertex Quantum. This will be available in 4 colors sometime in early February. In our opinion, this is the best ultralight fabric on the market for lightweight down sleeping bags, sleeping quilts and down jackets. Colors are to be black, red, green and blue.

Our favorite ultralight down jacket, the Skaha sweater, is once again keeping us warm around the shop here... we had some great testing lows of -20 F in the mountains recently. Here we are out backcountry skiing at Washington Pass while it was a bit warmer , though windier.


September 2006:

Outperforming previous generations, is a more accurate description of the new Epic by Nextec shell material.

We found after a full summer of all condition testing that our new generation breathes as well the original but really outshines when your dealing with the wet. Wonderfully balanced for lightweight durability, this has the same soft hand which translates to great fitting and lofting gear. This is the shell of choice for sleeping bags destined for harsh conditions and the hands down winner for any mountain jacket.

Summer 2006:

Ok, we finally have some web pages up of our newest products and we now have the new Epic in stock that is outperforming our expectations for performance.

Please note that Summer work ends August 20th, we will be closed after that point for a few weeks... We will resume custom down production with vigor this Fall.


March 2006.:

New pricing is in effect as worldwide down shortages are present. Overfill will be 15$ per ounce from today.

January 2006:

New gear for the new year, where to start....

Nunatak has created a new 8 ounce sleeping bag that is a unique hybrid arc / half bag. Ideal use is summer with our 10 ounce Skaha Plus down sweater. Did you get that? For a little more than a pound, you get a super ultralight setup like no other.... cost is $199.00 for the bag. Stuffed size of 6x6.

We're proud to re-introduce the Arc X, an Arc quilt bag that we built to custom spec for Dr Ryan Jordan of Backpackinglight.com fame. Cost is still $339.00. These were a popular variation to our Arc sleeping quilt design. The goal: A one pound quilt that serves as mild 3 season do anything bag/blanket. It works!

To compliment out line of Skaha down sweaters, we found the way to push extra light into the early spring and late fall. Pants of course! Our method of fully baffling and optimally filling the amazingly efficient down sweaters is an unbeatable combination. This translates into pants as well. We reworked our famous Kobuk pants into a lighter and still baffled version. This is a truly minimalist down pant, so don't ask for pockets.


November 2005:

Attention Ultralighters with Cold Hands: The new sweatshirt style front pocket on the Skaha Line of Down Jackets and Down Vests is now available. This one ounce addition to our superbly light fully baffled down sweater is fantastically warm yet remains very compact. Adds less than one ounce and 40$ to any Skaha.

May 2005:

Listen up, all you ultra gear heads. You thought you had everything? Well, Nunatak can now bring to market, on a limited basis, the ultimate fill for any of our down products. But it comes at a price. Read on...

Think Classic Eider Down. The revered, the rare. A unique wild down. Grown under Arctic tundra conditions. Down so fine, so incredibly light, that loft and volume and fill weight have a new standard, an eider down benchmark... The quality is top notch, the loft is amazing as time has tested, and the finished bag or jacket is a one of a kind.

Our supplier gently hand collects this amazing product in the wild, directly from the nest, without disturbing the bird, in portions so small that it takes weeks to get enough to fill a bag. Certified genuine Eider Down from extreme Northern Canada, minimally processed, very unique.

Why would you want Eider? Warmth, loft, lightest possible weight, durability, and yes, prestige, are just a few of the reasons that comes to mind. Make up more yourself. Because certain things in life can't be logically justified.

Should you get it? Well, can you afford it? Because of its rare nature and painstaking collection process, the price of this stuff is extraordinary. We add a $125.00 surcharge per ounce of down for the exclusive privilege to own this one of a kind sleeping bag or jacket. Per ounce, remember?. That means, for example, the humble Ghost in size medium will go from $307.00 to $1187.00. Perfectly reasonable.

Call today, 1 866 NUNATAK or read more about the Eider


March 2005:

Now that spring is here and we're thinking about going for a hike, it looks like it's going to cost us 100$ per vehicle to access our local hills. You should go to our links page and read the full story at wildwilderness.org about the insidious nature of Corporate America's takeover of your public lands. If your paying taxes this time of the year like we are, then historically your dollars have paid for all sorts of things, including public lands administration. Well, it seems that there were some sleazy deals slung and funds were pulled from agencies, a phony 'crisis' was staged. and we thought the 'fee demo' was really a demo, right. It was a complete failure that you, the taxpayer, subsidized.

It used to be that going for a hike was freeing experience, where one needn't give up detailed personal information, one didn't have to pay 30$ summit fees, 25$ parking fees, 20$ entrance fees, and so on.

A taxation to go outside starting at 100$ and going up over time. I know, in a time when so much of an affront to the sensible nature of things is occurring like drilling in ANWR and pillaging the second largest oil reserve at the expense of thousands and thousands of iraqi and American lives cause we like to drive inefficient cars, it's tough to focus on one single issue. But this has got to be the biggest insult to the citizenry of the United States. Its un-American!

What's next? Air tax, water tax, tea tax?

Does double taxation without representation sound good to anyone?


February 2005:

Gossamer Gear (formerly GVP Gear) now has a Nunatak produced custom sleeping bag in their program.

Its called the SleepLight, and features, in plain language, a completely redesigned Arc Ghost with a single layer bottom fabric to convert it from a quilt to a more conventional bag. It also sports a simple, permanently integrated and insulated hood.

This is a great piece of gear for someone not quite into the full on quilt concept, but still needs a quality super light sleeping bag.

These will be available directly thru Gossamer Gear.

February 2005:

Our full line of garments and sleeping bags is now available in Quantum, an exciting new fabric from Pertex (Perseverance Mills, UK). This is a modern ultralight on par with our venerable .85 Nylon, but slightly softer and a hair more breathable. And off course since we're into splitting hairs, it should be noted that at 0.9 oz/square yard Quantum is also slightly heavier than the .85.

Colors are Hot Orange and Dark Green and prices are the same as our other fabric options.


January 2005:

The Nunatak Skaha Down Sweater, at 9 oz total weight, has proved immensely successful. It is favored both by alpine climbers desiring the ultimate belay jacket, or ultra lighters who's layering it with our 40 degree quilts to produce one of the most versatile and compact sleep systems out there.

Recent developments in the Skaha idiom has produced several wacky off springs, some of which are too 'custom' to mention here. One of the better experiments, and sure to be a stand alone product some day, is known under the working title 'The Super Skaha'. We sewed it in Epic fabric and added a full length zipper and 2 oz of fill. The cool simplicity of the original is retained, but it is now a bit cozier to just hang out in.

This so called Super Skaha ($350.00), as well as any other custom project YOU can come up with, is available any time. Give us a call or email.

Nunatak is dedicated to custom design and manufacture of quality back country sleeping bags and garments
utilizing 800+ goose down and sophisticated fabrics.

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