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The Skaha Plus is our ultralight down sweater with a fully baffled integrated hood. Adding just one ounce, the hood is complete with toggle and draw cord face closure.

The Skaha Plus is warm, but not bulky. New for 2013, the Skaha's fit is better than ever, more volume in the hood, less in the sleeves.

Besides being the ideal layering piece for going fast in colder conditions, the Skaha Plus is designed to be the perfect mate for our Arc Edge sleeping bag. Together they create an incredibly light and versatile sleep system, boosting the Arc Edge's 40 degree temperature rating well into the 20's by adding the hood and more torso insulation. Instead of carrying a heavier sleeping bag just for sleeping, you now have a multi use system including a bag and a down sweater, all at just over 20 oz.

We build the Skaha Plus with simplicity and low weight as our design parameters. It has no extras, zero bells and whistles, nothing to snag or break or get in the way of traveling light and fast. What you do get is maximum warmth for the given weight, and a clean looking, functional garment. Standard features include a 14" neck zipper, and an elastic draw cord and toggle at the waist and on the hood.

Without overstepping the boundaries of simplicity, our Skaha series of down sweaters are also available with a basic sweatshirt style front pocket. The Skaha++.


  SKAHA+ XS s m L XL XXL  
Sleeve length 30-32" 33' 34" 35" 36" 37-38"
Chest Circumference 33-34"



42-45" 46-49" 50">
fill weight 3.75oz 4oz 4.75oz 5oz 5.5oz 6oz
total weight,
quantum .8
8.5oz 9oz 9.5oz 10.5oz 11.5oz 12.5oz
total weight,
Quantum 1.0
8.75oz 9.25oz 10oz 11oz 12oz 13oz
Total weight,
epic by nextec
9oz 9.5oz 10.5oz 11.5oz 12.5oz 13.5oz
baffle height ¾" ¾" ¾" ¾" ¾" ¾"
Price $459 $459 $459 $459 $481 $499

Nunatak is dedicated to custom design and manufacture of quality back country sleeping bags and garments
utilizing 800+ goose down and sophisticated fabrics.

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