Garment FAQ  

How do I measure my sleeve length for the custom Nunatak jacket I want to order?

Sleeve length is one half your shoulder width, plus an arm. Begin measureing at C7 vertibrae, go over the outside of the shouler, to the wrist bone(ulnar protrusion) with your arms relaxed at your sides. We usually custom fit your sleeve length at no additional charge. note* Torso/chest is measured under arms.

Can I use my suit size measurements to ensure a good fit?

Yes, supply all the measurements you can for the best custom cut. We know how our garments relate to regular fit parameters

I really like the Skaha line of Down Sweaters, but I want more features, like the Kobuk.

Everything we do is based on an individual company/client relationship, giving your nearly unlimited custom features to choose from.

What is the temperature rating for Nunatak down jackets?

Temperture rating is very subjective in the case of garments. Many variables affect the outcome, are they being layered with, what is the total system, overfill, etc…Everyone has a different metabolism. As a rough guide, we say that our Skaha is setup for summer and ultralight mountain travel. However, we’ve seen these layered with under and over other Skahas, making for a winter class super ultralight down jacket system. The Kobuk is designed to go anywhere, and be warm. Expect fall through spring use here, built ideal for summer high altitiude mountaineering. The Torre is for deep winter conditions, it’s serious gear.

Can we repair your other brand of down jacket or sleeping bag?

I’m sorry, we only work on our handmade US built Nunatak gear. Try Rainy pass repair in seattle.




Nunatak is dedicated to custom design and manufacture of quality back country sleeping bags and garments
utilizing 800+ goose down and sophisticated fabrics.

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