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This bag is a two person version of our Alpinist. Such a concept is a great way to stay warm while shaving pounds from the conventional couple's setup of zipping two bags together.

With the Dual Alpinist you are sharing the body heat which can be a real advantage in certain situations. Given the large size of this lightweight bag for two, layering for deep winter conditions will extend the comfort range.

We build the Dual with optimized insulation. A generous 2½" layer of fully baffled down covers the upside, while the bottom is constructed with 3/4" baffles. The bulk and weight savings of this method are substantial in a bag this size. Note the picture, for comfort you can move down left to right.

An optional center down collar snaps into place to minimize drafts between occupants, closing off the gap that two people create.
For colder weather, we recommend adding our Down Balaclava to the kit.

As an alternative to the standard 38" center zipper you can also choose optional side zippers for individual venting and exit/entry.

We custom build these one at a time and as such, people have gone as small as 85" in the shoulder for a 'spooner's only' fit. Average sizes are 111" in the shoulders and 50" foot box. We can custom build to the right dimension for you.


  20° F
Fits to height 5'6" 6'0' 6'6"

overall length

65" 74" 83"

55 "

55 "

55 "

fill weight 20oz 22oz 24oz
total weight,
quantum .8
38oz 40oz 42oz
total weight,
Quantum 1.0
40oz 42oz 44oz
Total weight,
epic by nextec
44oz 46oz 48oz
stuffed size 8x16 8x18 8x20
baffle height ¾"-2½" ¾"-2½" ¾"-2½"
Price $715 $769 $822
Side zippers $50 $50 $50
draft tonsil $25 $25 $25

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Nunatak is dedicated to custom design and manufacture of quality back country sleeping bags and garments
utilizing 800+ goose down and sophisticated fabrics.

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