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The light and compact Arc Concept is here expanded to create the perfect ultralight two person sleeping quilt.

A common problem with having two bodies in one bag is the different sleeping temperatures often desired, resulting in one person either overheating (most common) or being too cool. Traditional converted mummy bags are notorious for this dilemma because of their inability to vent properly without affecting the other person. Often they get no more than one or two uses before it is decided to return to separate bags.

The Dual Arc Alpinist elegantly solves this problem. The Arc style quilt is inherently easy to vent and in the Dual you reap the full benefits of this when sharing the cover with your partner. Simply open or close your side using the adjustable straps, without affecting your neighbor. In addition it is very simple to redistribute part of the down fill over on top of the colder sleeper and so fully customizing the comfort zones.

The weight savings of a Dual over two individual bags is also considerable.


  20° F
-7 °C
Fits to height 5'4" 5'10' 6'4"
Useable width:




fill weight 16oz 18oz 20oz
total weight,
quantum .8
28oz 32oz 36oz
total weight,
Quantum 1.0
32oz 36oz 40oz
Total weight,
epic by nextec
36oz 40oz 44oz
stuffed size 9x14 9x16 9x18
baffle height 2.5" 2.5" 2.5"
price $659 $703 $769
Anti Draft Tonsil $25 $25 $25

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