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The Luna Pad egg crate sleeping pad is a remake of the long gone Mt Washington pad.

This field tested product was a fine piece of ultralight hiking equipment, light for it's insulating properties. We loved it and think it was a necessity in every Ultralighters' gear cache.

Now Nunatak has brought the pads back in an even better version.

The Evazote© foam gives the Luna Pad density, shape retention and durability. They won't absorb moisture, will remain supple and flexible in low temps and are UV stabilized.

Cut into one side is a unique egg crate pattern which adds to the comfort in addition to saving weight and trapping air for additional R-value. All in all a superior sleeping pad for 3 season use or as a base layer in a winter camping setup.

We offer the Luna Pad as a full body length ground cover
of 78".




The Luna Pad measures 19.5" x 78"
and rolls up to a diameter of about 12".

Using our ultra sensitive electronic down scale
we measured the pad to weigh an incredible 12 oz.

The Luna Pad has an overall thickness of 3/4",
with the foam in the 'valleys' a little more than
quarter of an inch thick.

Color is a neutral light gray.


Price: $45.00

Nunatak is dedicated to custom design and manufacture of quality back country sleeping bags and garments
utilizing 800+ goose down and sophisticated fabrics.

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